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Update on coronavirus crisis

ING CDC Pensioenfonds regularly posts information on developments that are relevant to your pension.

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Vacancy: run for candidacy before 16 August so you can take an active role in your pension fund

Do you feel it’s important for ING employees to be represented in the supervision of our pension fund? Do you want to join the conversation on topics such as the pension fund's investments, communications and risk management? Are you ready to face the challenge of delving into this important employment condition amid a dynamic environment? If so, sign up as a candidate for membership of the accountability body of ING CDC Pensioenfonds before 16 August 2021.
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Publication of Annual Report for 2020

ING CDC Pensioenfonds’ Annual Report for 2020 presents its results for that year. Other information provided by the Annual Report includes details of the pension fund's policies with regard to its investments, communications and risk management.
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Quarterly results available now Q1 2021

The financial results of the first quarter of 2021 are available. The total return on investment was -4.7%. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2020, the funding ratio increased from 104% to 108%. The policy funding ratio increased from 98% to rounded 100%*.
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New board bureau director: Alfred Lagendijk

Alfred Lagendijk has been appointed director of the board bureau of ING CDC Pensioenfonds, effective 7 April 2021. Bringing with him a wealth of professional experience, Alfred is looking forward to working with the board, the board bureau staff and all the pension fund's other internal and external stakeholders.
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